Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day 2011 TinkerBelle

Today the Stargazers are relaxing in the sunny Memorial Day afternoon. Most of them, that is. Two are not so relaxed. My dearest TinkerBelle, now 13, IBD, chronic liver issues, spondylosis, sled dog excellent and best friend, stands on the threshold of the Rainbow Bridge. Her body is tired and worn out, she sleeps most of the time, but the great thing is, she is still eating. I found a food, Great Life Potato and Grain Free Duck, that she can tolerate and most importantly continue to eat. It is very difficult to have a dog diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease who will not eat. They are allergic to the protein, so one must find a protein they have not tried or go with a hypoallergenic diet. To discover the duck in Tink's final days has assured me that her angels are on double duty. Tink came from Eastern Washington Siberian Rescue in 2002, where she was tied out by herself as she fought with all the females and some of the males. The other side of the sweet fairy. She arrived with a very poor coat, needed to have a spay to remove a very sick uterus and ovaries, medicine for fungus infection, and then she came home. Within a week, she had a fight with Flare, who has recently passed over the Bridge, needed the orthopedic specialist, and then had a cast for a broken wrist. At Mountain View Veterinary Hospital in Lacey...Heaven on Earth for animals and owners..they decorate the casts, so Tink would come home with hearts, lightning bolts, her name, and other decor on that vet wrap. At our previous home, she still had to be tied out, as she still fought, tough Siberian that she is to this day. Tink the Tank I call her. She became a marvelous scooter dog, earning her nickname of the tank. She was not fast, but she would never let me down. We so loved running together with her partner, Sparky. Those days ended in 2006 when her spondylosis made its ugly appearance, and with the diagnosis of IBD. Then we begn to walk. I moved to this new place on the river and put in a dog door for Tink. No more tying her out. Now, in and out as she chooses, and she most often was found laying out on the deck, until recently. Two dogs, I mentioned at the first. The other is Mikasa, who is currently going through the loading period of Lysodren, for Cushing's Disease, which basically is like getting a diagnosis of cancer. I will save Kasa's story for another page. All 24 Siberian Huskies and the one pit bull here at Stargazer have a story and I intend to share them, but right now it is time to feed. Tink's next installment will arrive soon. Thanks for reading.