Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Willy, a Stargazer cat

Another friend of ours is standing on the Bridge; Willy the Cat, Will-cat, Chowder. Nearly 17 years old with Lymphoma, which is progressing rapidly. When first diagnosed last November, Willy went to Olympia Veterinary Cancer Clinic where he was treated with love and chemotherapy drugs for several months by Dr. Lisa Parshley and her wonderful staff. We are very lucky to have an oncologist vet in Olytown, as otherwise there would be multiple monthly trips to Tacoma or Seattle. Willy went into remission almost immediately, but the cancer returned once, twice, and then thrice, which is this moment. He is eating constantly, unfortunately, the cancer gets all the calories. Today he has had some hugs and some Tramadol and he is resting now. Will-cat's best friend is Will-son, who happens to be my son. The last few months, Willy has spent most of his time in Will's room, laying on the pillow, or the chair, watching TV with Will or if not in the room, but instead in the cat room, meowing to return to his personal heaven. Will-son spotted Will-cat 9 years ago on a trip to Mt. View, to visit one of our other cats. I believe it was Ziggy, the grumpy Persian, who had endured some procedure or another and was now tormenting the staff. Will-cat was perched up on a shelf, staring at Will with his large, round, yellow eyes. Willy is an American Shorthair and is about as cute as they come. His former owner had brought him in for a dental and never returned. Will, my son, informed me that we were bringing him home, and so we did. The bonding of the two Will's began. My son was about to celebrate his 13th coming of age birthday, so that became Will-cat's birthday also. For many years the two friends have enjoyed each others company, but now that is coming to an end. Never long enough, as our vet has said. I repeat, never long en0ugh...

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