Thursday, July 28, 2011

How to Fix a Broken Dog

How to Fix a Broken Dog? It is quite easy, a yard full of other dogs and a large helping of love and patience. Happy dogs are the best medicine for broken and worn dogs. They teach by example, through play . Over and over, the dogs demonstrate the proper response to any given situation. There is no punishment, no judgment, just repetition, until the broken dog unwinds, reboots, and becomes a happy dog again. Throughout this time, I, like the other dogs, show by example, how we do it here at Stargazer. We go up for meals, we do not jump on the Susan, we let Susan tend to our needs, we do not use our mouths to hurt each other. We are all good dogs at Stargazer. And then we get to run, to get hooked up to a scooter or a sled, and we run, all together we run, and that is the Best. Some broken dogs, after becoming Happy, prefer other activities, such as, holding down the couch, monitoring other house dogs to ensure rule adherence, sleeping long hours in the Sun, and chewing on hard rubber objects. We are all good dogs at Stargazer.